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Emerging Talent

Is your organisation worth working for?

Is your organisation worth working for?
Published: March 27, 2019
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At Impact, we create, in partnership, organisations worth working for. Our clients have a need to develop and maintain emerging talent especially in uncertain times. At Impact we are experts in experiential learning and creating organisations worth working for.

One of the most effective approaches to learning and developing future talent was, according to the ISE survey 2020, experiential learning. Our expertise.  

So, what can you do in your organisation?

  • Invest in learning
  • Develop your graduates’ soft skills
  • Use learning methodologies that create lasting results
  • Assess your current well-being culture then develop it further

These times can hugely effect people’s well-being. To be specific your future and current emerging talent’s well-being. Within the ISE student development survey this year a poll showed a staggering 77% of graduates who are looking to apply want to work for an organisation that has a positive approach to mental health. In my expert opinion, to reduce these percentages organisations need to invest in not just mental health but developing soft skills such as self-awareness, effectively communicating and quality team relationships.

Our research is showing that emerging talent within organisations, before we partner with them, feel less connection with their manager, showed higher stress levels, have lack of support and felt unable to be open and honest with their manager about mental health issues.

The key learning is if you fail to develop your future talent is the right way you will have people who don’t communicate effectively, don’t lead with action and have poor wellbeing. We are experts in all of those areas.

Through coaching, workshops, events, webinars and programmes we develop people to perform. Virtual or face to face we work with you to create the best solution. This ranges from C-suite executives to graduates and apprentices where our first work originated from 40 years ago.

Take the action today to develop and retain your future talent and get in contact with us.