What are your holiday/wholeday commitments?

What are your holiday/wholeday commitments?

Holidays, are a holy time – a period to rest, relax and recharge; sacred occasions to honour and be grateful for. And as part of them, we come back to our wholeness where we connect more deeply with ourselves in mind, body and soul as well as with our past, present and future.  

By the very nature of these 'wholedays', when not absorbing ourselves in the moment, we turn to reflect on what has been happening in our lives to date. With the possibilities of being out of our routine, and with new found energy, we begin to see how we can move positively forward.  

Whether it be the activities we undertake, the inspiring people we are with, the engaging conversations we have – they all serve to encourage us to make commitments to implement changes ‘once the holiday is over’.

What are these commitments for you?

What are you committed to...

  • cull in your life? – what do you want to eliminate that is no longer serving you in mind, body or soul?
  • cultivate in your life – what activity, habit, value which you know benefits you in every way do you resolve to nurture more fully?
  • commence in your life? – what is it that you will finally kick-start with absolute conviction?

We’d love to hear about any life changing decisions you’ve made as a result of a holiday? Please use the comment box below.

Penelope Mavor is a Senior Consultant at Impact Italia.