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Leadership podcast: Leading hybrid teams

Leadership podcast: Leading hybrid teams
Published: May 1, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with David Berz, Head of Learning Technology, Data & Strategy, Global Operations.  

How can you lead teams in a hybrid world?

In this episode of our leadership podcasts, we’re talking about leading high performing teams, particularly in a hybrid working world. We’re delighted to be joined by David Berz whose career has included roles with Mozilla, LinkedIn, The Walt Disney Company and Meta. He has a proven track record of scaling global teams in support of hyper-growth, technology implementation, and product development – and all with that all important emphasis on measuring effectiveness.

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Dan and David talked extensively about leading hybrid teams, from how online platforms can help encourage people to be human at work to what’s next in the world of hybrid learning.

David also shared three tips to facilitate success when you’re working with high potential, high performing teams. Here they are:

How to get the best from high performing teams

  1. Be really supportive. My role is simply to clear the paths for the team and create opportunities for individuals to do their work without resistance and barriers. And this can be done as simply as being supportive or a good thought partner to as complex as navigating hurdles or speed bumps that they may have with cross-functional teams.
  2. Be tuned into people's needs. Everyone is different, some teams members need more interaction, some need less. So really get to know your team, understand what drives them, what motivates them and really work with that.
  3. Celebrate wins and successes. This can be in a formal way, like a weekly or monthly business review, or a quarterly highlight review with key stakeholders. But it can also be done through appropriate social media channels. At both LinkedIn and Meta we had our own internal tools to be able to use for celebrations and highlights. Utilise whatever communication channels your company has. The one thing that I would caution people to be aware of is that not all people like attention or appreciate celebration in public. So consider the individual that you're celebrating or what you're doing as you craft your message.

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