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Leadership podcast: In Good Company 

Richard Little
Published: April 3, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with Professor Richard Little.

Welcome to our new season of leadership podcasts. We've tapped into our global network to bring you interviews with some of the most interesting thought leaders we could find, people with an innovative, creative, and future-focused approach to leadership. 

Got 30 minutes? 

Join Dan on this lively series of informal, one-to-one conversations. From managing ego to what’s next for hybrid working, from diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to building a culture of learning and trust – there’s something for every leader out there. Filled with ideas, insights and best practice these are the perfect 30-minute bitesize listen.  

  • Listen to great leaders at the top of their game 
  • Get inspiration and insights for your own leadership challenges 
  • Learn from their experience.

Latest listen 

In this episode, Dan talks to Professor Richard Little.  

Professor Richard Little is a professor at the Institute of Leadership and Sustainability. We know Richard as he worked at Impact for almost 40 years, working as a senior consultant with clients in every business, not-for-profit and public sector. Richard was pivotal to developing Impact’s approach, particularly our proposition about leadership. As we start this series of podcasts talking to individuals around the world about their experiences of leadership, we thought there was no better person to start with than Richard. 

001: Leadership as action with Professor Richard Little

“I was appalled by what I found in the popular literature of leadership. The endless lists of traits and recipes for leadership, and ten things to be and five things to do and so on… It seemed like baby talk to me. I wanted to redeem the idea of leadership and restore it from this masculinised fantasy of supremacy and ascendancy towards something that was more in the moment, something that was more accessible, something that anybody could feel that they had access to or the capacity for. 

And the crucial moment was something very simple. And that was realising that we weren’t dealing with leadership as position or role or personality. We were dealing with leadership as a moment of action.” 

Listen to the podcast

Watch our interview here: 


Coming up 

002: Achieving full potential with Sylwia Chada, TikTok  

003: Hybrid working with David Berz, Meta 

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