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Leadership needs for 2024: A human-centred approach

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Published: January 22, 2024
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Feedback is foundational to our culture here at Impact. Every programme we run is not only a learning experience for our clients, but also for ourselves. With this in mind, we would like to thank everyone who took part in our recent Global Client Experience Survey. 

Our main takeaway from the results this year has been the huge interest in a human-centred approach to business. This is reflected in our question around what topic respondents would like to learn more about, with human-centred business coming in significantly ahead of other topics (with AI and digital transformation, and performance coaching and feedback in joint second place). 

It's also mirrored in the feedback we received about what makes us great to partner with. Clients cited our ability to engage in quality dialogue, to build trusting relationships, to listen deeply and truly understand their needs, and to show genuine care and connection. 

All of these are hallmarks of an approach that puts people first.  

With change, retention, leadership, and engagement all emerging as our clients' biggest challenges for 2024, it's no surprise that there is appetite for an approach to business that puts human beings first, that catalyses high performance and engagement, and that empowers people to drive positive impact.  

We've reissued our popular white paper on human-centred organisations, with a new introduction for 2024. 

Download the paper today to learn about our approach to successful human-centred business.