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Our approach

Digital learning solutions

Use technology to transform the way your people learn.

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Learning at the speed of change

Learning technologies can help organisations with the scale and reach of their solutions, but only if we understand how to use them effectively. This is where Impact can help. We combine leading, customised learning technologies with decades of experience designing award-winning learning solutions for our clients.  

We can transform your organisation by harnessing the power of digital learning through face-to-face, blended, or virtual-only solutions. Our bespoke learning technologies: air™ and Inscape Rooms give you access to experiential learning at scale and provide seamless blended and virtual learning experiences.   

We can also integrate our customised virtual and blended learning solutions with your existing tech platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Spatial Chat and Mural.   

As the pace at which we need to learn increases, our clients tell us learning on the job is a lot more common - people don't go anywhere to learn now, to focus on gaining a new skill. Through digital technologies, we support our clients to use new knowledge directly and immediately, which means breaking down the boundary between learning about the work and doing the work.   

Putting the learner at the heart of organisational system design is key to ensuring it meets the learning need. We always start with a custom-led approach and use technology to support the delivery of learning experiences that are relevant to the work that employees are doing now and will need to do in the future.   

We've found a lot of clients have built vast content libraries to discover they are not being used or if they are that the learning is not being applied. For learning to be effective it should be context driven, real, immediate, current, and relevant. It is less about access to knowledge and more about learning transfer – the ability to apply learning to context.  

Digital technologies have not changed how people learn; they have simply given us new and emerging tools to support our learning. To improve engagement and effectiveness, the role of high-quality, learning design should always come first, before we seek relevant platforms to deliver the learning.