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High-potential senior leaders program

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In 2013, Cigna identified a need for a senior leadership development program. 

As well as augmenting their developmental opportunities for senior leadership, Cigna also wanted to address bench strength gaps, empower senior leaders to embrace their strengths, and to help them be more fulfilled and effective in their roles. 

Specific topics that the program identifies and covers include:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership agility
  • Leading team performance
  • Influencing
  • Executive presence and brand
  • Cultural awareness and DEI
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Leadership action
  • Strategic leadership
  • Innovation and risk
  • Leading technology

The solution combines a variety of experiential learning strategies, including immersive leadership challenges, executive coaching, content-specific skill sessions, and real-life work experiences.

Alongside this, peer-to-peer consulting and coaching sessions provide a self-driven component of the solution, giving participants the opportunity to leverage their expertise to help each other learn, as well as developing their feedback skills. 

Participants also take part in local and global market journeys. These 7–14-day experiences are designed to raise participants’ cultural awareness and sensitivity, as well as prompting reflection on their own biases and how this impacts their leadership. 

“Due to the ever-changing technology environment, the program has continued to evolve over the past decade. TSLP is able to adapt to the current talent needs of the organization in a deliberate and timely manner. Remaining flexible as the industry changes, keeping alumni involved to mentor and advocate for current participants and tracking progress in measurable and actionable ways are aspects of the program that continue to establish a track record of success. 

TSLP continues to offer a best-in-class leadership development journey, creating bench strength for future technology senior leadership positions.” 

– Natasha Hepburn, Director of Technology Leadership Development  

See what our customers say about us
Michelle Blieberg
Managing Director & Global Learning Officer
"Working with Impact can best be described as both enjoyable and an ideal partnership. We found them to be extremely creative with some of the most unique experiential learning available. Perhaps most importantly, we learned from and greatly admired all of their global staff. We found them to be flexible, insightful and extremely caring, committed to the personal development of our staff."
Lynne Atkin
HR Director
"The success of the Emerging Leaders Programme has exceeded my expectations. The content is relevant, the selection process is rigorous - and it delivers. We are seeing a clear increase in leadership capability within this talent population. This is now coming to fruition as we see more and more individuals who attend the programme going on to take on more demanding roles - be that within their current level or to more senior roles. The programme is recognised by our Executive Team as talent enabler."
Andy Fell
General Manager, Retail Banking
St George Bank
“This programme has really ‘started something’. We believe that there is a little dragon inside all of us...and coaching makes the difference when it comes to our people reaching their true potential. Impact have once again delivered.”