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The Regeneration Game

The Regeneration Game
Published: October 27, 2023
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The Regeneration Game is a lively learning experience that encourages participants to reflect on their impact on the world – on both an individual and organisational level. 

The intensifying environmental, social and economic issues we face require more than just aspirations to sustainability or neutrality. They require courageous organizations who are committed to driving positive impact. These organisations are purpose-led, future-fit and able to redefine business success by profiting through the positive impact they create – not in spite of it. 

The first step on this transformation journey is for organisations to understand their current impact – and this is where the Regeneration Game comes in. Using the gameshow format and facilitated by entertaining host Andy Dickson, the game provides a fun and friendly environment in which to ask challenging questions, provoke new thinking, and galvanise enthusiasm.  

Through quality conversation and powerful reflection, the game asks contestants to consider:

  1. Their own personal impact through the daily choices they make
  2. Their organisation’s impact through its strategies, processes and operations
  3. Their personal influence through leadership action 
  4. Their organisation’s influence and leadership within its sector and region, and in society more broadly

The reality is that we play this game every day, through every tiny decision we make. But the Regeneration Game offers an opportunity to bring a new level of consciousness and focus to it. 

The goal is to excite, energise and inspire. There are no losers in this game – just winners and learners!

The Regeneration Game was formally launched in a sellout session at Anthropy 2023 and has now been played by many Impact client organisations who are aiming to make a positive impact. Read more about positive impact and get in touch to discover how the Regeneration Game could help your organisation.