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Rock formations form above



过实施以人本的领导力培养方法,您可以使工有能力采取必要的领导力行工能估形并且自信地做出决策, 灵活应变,了解自己的行为对他人的影响。  




造一种有关领导力行的文化并非易事。如果而易就能实现,那么通过阅读伟大的领导力故事和模仿鼓舞人心的领导者, 就能培养领导力技能。正是通利用领导者的素及其领导力行的影响,我们为的客户组织培养了学、适和成的能力。 

领导展方法适用于组织中所有的人提供支持。 们让员工了解行的意、价值观机,并使他与您的目保持一致,从而促使工采取领导力行。我的方法建立新的思模式,并逐步培养工的作行工成长为积极的学者,能践中运用所学知,并学如何推动组织团队和个人效的步。


领导力来自探索、冒以及对经验的开放性。下方接,了解与我合作将如何放您的领导团队的潜力, 使他动组织向前展。探索特定的领导力背景,了解客案例故事并阅读当前对领导力的一些想法。 

City by night from above


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River in the canyon

Developing the leaders of tomorrow  

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Waves breaking on the rocks

We’re living in times of rapid change. Work with us to develop leaders and teams who can respond with agility to your organisation's challenges.

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Team Development
Transformational Leadership

Leadership Team Development Programme

Building a high performance team culture

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Transformational Leadership
Wellbeing at Work

Springboard Program

Community Sustainability at The Heart of Individual Learning

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership at Farmlands Co-operative

Leadership development for business transformation

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Our awards

Year after year, we continue to be acknowledged for the quality and effectiveness of our partnerships with clients and for our own work on building Impact as an organisation worth working for.

2023 Top 20 leadership training
Top 20 Leadership Training Company 2023

For the 13th year in a row, Impact has been recognised as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company in 2023. We are delighted to be included in this exclusive community of top-notch providers for learning and development solutions.

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Brandon Hall Group Impact Migros Bank
Silver award for best unique or innovative leadership program

Migros Bank's program 'Leading for Growth' has supported the bank to embed sustainable change across the organisation. It won a Brandon Hall Group silver award for best unique or innovative leadership development in 2023.

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