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Leadership Development

Truly inspirational leaders pay attention to what is going on around them, have the wisdom to know what must be done and crucially the courage to act. They have the compassion to consider the human being as well as the performance. They have a learning mindset and dare to bring their whole selves into their leadership. Impact is pre-eminent in the practical, lasting development of these magical characteristics.

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Effective Teams

We depend a lot on the performance of our teams; working in groups is the way we get things done. Your organisation can only move towards effective team performance if your people move. Moving people means engaging with meaning, values, motives and conscience. Only them will learning new skills, gaining insights and acquiring knowledge be useful, relevant, effective and applied. Only then will we be able to build new mindsets and install collaborative behaviours. Your people will be come active learners, able to use what they know and have learned to move the team’s performance forward.

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Leading in a VUCA World

We seem to be shifting from an approach based around problem solving and planning aimed at reducing uncertainty, to a world where progress is made by actively engaging with uncertainty, requiring higher levels of leadership agility. Impact's work, whether it be with multi-national companies, SMEs, governments, public sector organisations or not for profits, often centres around creating powerful, facilitated encounters that recreate a VUCA world in a real and consequential way. We pride ourselves on developing leaders who have sufficient agility, dynamism and responsiveness to navigate through the VUCA landscape.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese Proverb