Virtual Learning

Experiential Learning in the Virtual World

Why is virtual learning important?

For many organisations a truly global workforce is already a reality and managing people globally is an increasing challenge for HR. Leaders and managers in organisations are expected to work with colleagues and supply chains no matter where they are located. Though globalisation isn’t just about extending reach, it’s also about adopting new mindsets and incorporating new cultures.

Organisations also need to respond to other market trends such as cuts in training and travel budgets and the perennial problem of releasing staff from their day to day work to attend training programmes, both of which have increased the demand for online/distance learning options.

Virtual Learning is playing an increasingly important role in providing a new space in which to connect, engage and develop people. And through our partnership work with clients, we’re discovering that advanced learning architectures can successfully combine the technology based with the experiential.

Virtual Learning can:

  • help organisations respond to the challenges of a globally dispersed workforce give learners the chance to practice and develop the very skills they need to manage people globally
  • help people build relationships and lead complex tasks across boundaries (e.g. cultural, geographical, behavioural)
  • enable people to develop essential influencing, networking and team skills in a virtual world

How does virtual learning work?

Over the last few years Impact has been working alongside our clients to develop a Virtual Learning methodology that combines the intelligent use of “virtual” technologies as part of a well-designed learning architecture. Our approach is not to replace face-to-face learning with e-learning, nor to see it merely as a supporting mechanism which knits together the ‘real’ modules of a longer intervention. We will work with you to develop a blended learning solution that is engaging, challenging, imaginative and interactive.

The magic of Impact’s approach to people development lies in the quality and creativity of our facilitation, which we have now successfully transferred into the virtual space.

We believe personality is key to virtual learning - just as in the real world, programme success relies on the ability to bring a space to life, to engage learners and flex to their feedback. Our powerful, well-designed virtual experiences allow our facilitators to make links between on-line activities and real life - highlighting behaviours and eliciting feedback and discussion.

Benefits of Virtual Learning

  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Consistency of learning
  • Global communication
  • Flexibility
  • Employee Engagement
  • Environmentally friendly

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