What we do

Impact helps people work more effectively together. We work with you to change behaviours and improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your organisation.

All of our solutions from Graduate Development to Leadership Development are carefully aligned to serve your core business issues and help you respond with agility to your strategic drivers.

We have a unique talent for helping our customers to achieve organisational sustainability, allowing CEOs to balance their responsibilities to employees, communities and shareholders.

Developing leadership capacity to accelerate business transformation

Impact successfully apply leadership development to almost any organisational demand, context, group, process or dilemma. We work to develop self-awareness & self-leadership, team membership and leadership for significant change.

Our form of leadership development is not just for the managerial elite. It is the basic theme for developing whole organisations. We can release leadership capacity across an entire organisation, encouraging collaboration and creativity at every level.

Releasing leadership capacity is the foundation for all of our propositions and services – from engaging employees and developing talent to leveraging diversity.