Impact International experts in learning and development

At Impact we do talent. That is, we do learning, we do behaviour change and above all we do leadership development - all crucial components of a coherent talent strategy.

We know that getting, growing and keeping talent demands a holistic approach and we know that leadership development and management development runs right through the middle of them all.

And another thing we know - we know it from our own experience and from our work with dozens of leading global organisations - is that talent is only one variable in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating and trading landscape. The getting, growing and keeping of talent have never been more important or more challenging than they are right now.

In our programmes and wider solutions we help knit together the many strands of talent management - from change management and team development to graduate development and organisational development - we support attraction, identification, development and retention; we work at every level, building and cultivating leadership capital.

We also help you to address the deepest questions of purpose and ethos that when resolved, make yours an organisation that is worth joining and that deserves the enthusiastic commitment of the best talent.