Our approach

We create adventurous experiential learning solutions that liberate brilliance.

Using experiential learning to get results

All our solutions are designed and driven by Impact's unique experiential learning model, delivered by world-class facilitators and constructed through our proprietary solution mapping process - ensuring a solution design that is customised to your organisational context and learning objectives.

A RACER approach

RACER is a handy acronym that embodies how we show up in our work with clients and how we are with each other every day.

We combine a sense of Responsibility, a sense of Adventure with a commitment to Customise everything we do with our unique clients, using our experiential learning expertise to deliver Results.

Here’s how we can support your organisation...

Simulations Image

Leadership Simulations

Where theory meets real world practice in live immersive experiences. Simulations are absorbing and can have a profound effect on confronting the things we find difficult. 

Community Action Learning Image

Community Action Learning

Bringing companies and community groups together to provoke innovation and collaborative learning.

Blended and Virtual Image

Blended & Virtual

Using digital learning tools to enhance and extend learning journeys.

In Market Journeys Image

In Market Journeys

Learning from experts and the experience of other organisations to better inform your own.

Outdoor Adventure Image

Learning in the Outdoors

Adventuring outdoors as a powerful leadership development experience.

Coaching Image

Coaching for Performance

Building the capacity of leaders to coach their teams and their direct reports effectively to maximise performance.

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