Why shouldn't people development be thrilling?


Our Approach

Experience is the source of the most powerful learning.

Impact create powerful opportunities for people to experience and learn from new emotions, challenges and situations. We support these highly engaging experiences with relevant theory, feedback and skillful facilitation.  This ensures that learning can be readily applied back at work, bringing lasting changes in behaviours and improved performance.

We are dedicated to bringing passion and meaning to our work by finding novel, memorable and dramatic ways to go about our business. We have found extraordinary power to promote individual and group transformation from participation in live business projects and community-based action learning. These methods integrate experiential learning and business education. The projects are consequential, immersing clients in real-time issues whilst creating multiple possibilities for feedback, dialogue and reflection.

At Impact we are open to partnership and collaboration at every level, role modelling one of the emerging characteristics of the new business landscape. We really shine when we work in partnership with you to design the perfect learning experience which delivers you sustainable business results.

The safety and security of participants is a vital aspect of all of our interventions. Impact offers the highest standard of technical expertise, equipment and safety management systems.