Journey Programmes

Journey is both metaphor and reality in these programmes. Adventure training participants travel through beautiful, challenging and magical landscapes and through an unfolding development process. Every step of the way is an opportunity for learning. Travelling through the Swiss Alps, hiking in the English Lakes or the forests of Thailand, crossing Greenland or paddling down the Loire, adventure training programmes provide spectacular places, images and experiences and practical, emotional and intellectual challenges en-route that promote learning for work and life, about leadership, team work and change, about coping and transcending, letting go and getting a grip.

Journey programmes may include elements of Community Action Learning, business simulations, formal theory inputs, skills practice case studies and ‘corporate learning raids’, in which participants carry out mini-action-research projects in partner organisations along the way. All journeys include work on individual and organisational objectives, dialogue, feedback and review.

Journeys, locations and processes have been designed to meet a wide range of learning and development objectives and for groups of any size and configuration. We can design the journey in its entirety, or, more often, in collaboration with the client. Another option is for participants to create their own journey, with more or less help from us. The physical impact and challenge of our journey programmes can be determined within a wide range, from a walk in the park upwards.

Why we work like this

These are truly inspiring programmes with huge power to change the way people think about themselves, rise to challenges and take the initiative, to release creativity and develop emotional intelligence. They are an exceptionally effective way to release and develop the capacity for leadership.

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