Diagnostic Tools

We use a variety of diagnostic tools. Our approach is to use them as part of a Learning Journey for individuals, teams and organisations. The real value of diagnostics is in the way they assist changes in behaviour - what people will do rather than just what they know.


Organisational Effectiveness Profiling (OEP)
The OEP is an online survey used to identify existing organisational and/or team effectiveness issues. OEP enables organisations to identify and address barriers to growth and to track improvements.

This tool looks at the human aspects of an organisation and what kind of relationships they have with the business outcomes.  It compares an organisation’s reality to what they would like to be and pinpoints areas that will need to change to achieve their strategic objectives.


Impact are now able to offer Verax Human Capital Management (HCM) to measure the Human Asset Worth of your organisation as a whole or any sub-group or individual in the organisation. It also analyses what adds to your human asset base or detracts from it.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
MBTI® is globally established and one of the most widely used and respected of the profiling tools presently available. The aim is to identify the basic preferences of people in regard to the way they take in information, make decisions and orientate themselves to the outside world.  It is extremely valuable in helping individuals understand how to best work alongside colleagues with different styles.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®)
The SDI® is an inventory for taking stock of motivational values (the basis for how you feel and act in different situations).  It is a powerful tool and lends itself well to developing influencing and conflict resolution skills. It gives a personalised insight into the issue of conflict – what happens to people when they go into conflict - and offers options on how to deal with these difficult situations.

360 Feedback- Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)
An MLQ report provides feedback on how you and others perceive the different leadership behaviours you have. It measures the affect you have on your colleagues in terms of their Extra Effort, Effectiveness, and Satisfaction.

Emotional Intelligence
We use the Individual Effectiveness Questionnaire©  to measure the skills, attitudes and habits associated with Emotional Intelligence - the practice of integrating thinking and feeling to guide behaviour.

Compass360 is a tailored on-line 360-degree feedback process that produces Personal Reports. It uses a client’s existing competency framework (or they can choose from the Compass Library of Competencies) to provide insight into confirmed strengths, blind spots, unrecognised strengths and development needs. A Personal 360 Feedback Report provides a data-point from which clients can measure performance improvement during and after a development programme. It can provide a framework to measure ROI and a basis for talent management plans. For a demo please click here