Business Action Learning

Facilitated Business Projects

Participants are given responsibility  for identifying and undertaking a business related project that will provide each of them with a developmental opportunity and add value to the business.

They need to engage stakeholders, identify the scope of the project, set goals, milestones and deadlines and manage the project to a successful outcome. The life of the project is usually at least 6-9 months.

Measuring success

These projects are business focused and aligned with your organisation's vision and goals. Whilst the opportunity is developmental it is also about delivering a tangible and measurable business output.
Project sponsors are briefed so that they understand the context of the projects and can provide direct feedback on the service and results that are delivered to them. Participants are presented with a selection of projects all of which aim to achieve tangible performance improvements for the organisation, driving investment back into the heart of the organisation.

Why we work like this

Faciliated Business Projects allow participants to practise a full range of skills in a real business environment.  At the same time, the business can benefit enormously in that issues and problems, which have previously remained unsolved, are dealt with.  Networking is enhanced, as managers work cross-functionally and increase their wider understanding of the business.

The business project becomes a critical element of the whole programme, enabling the participants to put into practise skills and behaviours they have learned throughout the different modules.

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