Behavioural Approach to Health, Safety and Environment

Taking technical know-how and developing it into real behavioural changes in your workplace.

Many organisations invest huge amounts of time and money in Safety, Health and Environment training. The results of this training will often show that employees:
✔ Know how to do it
✔ Know why to do it
✔ Have a qualification to prove that they can do it

All too often, however, the training is not put into action back in the workplace. Despite the improvements that traditional training brings, accidents and even fatalities still occur. The knowledge is there but the embedded behaviours that lead to implementation are not.

At Impact we believe that training alone is not enough. Your people need to embrace Safety, Health and Environment practices at a deeper level. We  believe that through repeated practical application in a developmental environment best practice can become second nature. Impact goes beyond the skills training and focuses on changing attitudes, mindsets and behaviours. After working with us your people will not only do things differently, they will think differently.

Impact’s Behavioural HSE programme addresses this performance gap to ensure that your organisation achieves a world-class culture of best practice. Your people not only know what to do and how to do it - they actually do it.

Behavioural Approach to HSE - business benefits

• A culture where responsible practice is an instinctive and habitual competence
• A workforce that implements SHE as a priority
• Increased team performance and employee motivation
• A significant step towards the goal of zero accidents

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