United Nations Global Compact

Impact is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact was launched by Kofi Annan in 1999.  It partners with businesses to focus on their ethical, social and environmental responsibilities.

It serves as a platform for the spread of good practice based on ten “principles” involving human rights, social standards and the environment, and the fight against corruption.

As signatories, Impact is committed to supporting and advancing those principles within our sphere of influence and living them through our strategy, culture and business operations.

Most of the signatories are multinational corporations organisations yet some, like Impact, choose to be part of its network of SME supporters.  

We took the decision to become a signatory because the basic aims of the Compact reflect on a global scale what we value most highly and strive to achieve as an organisation.  

We are a relatively small organisation but have firm commitments to these issues. As such our membership challenges our business proposition, catalyses our thinking and allows us to explore and engage with our partners. Our role in the forthcoming UK membership meeting is one example of mutual benefit and learning through our involvement.

Our Founder and CEO David Williams attended a meeting of signatories in Paris that looked at the business contribution to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.  The meeting was hosted by President Jacques Chirac attended by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Tony Blair. More recently David also attended a UNGC meeting in Geneva.

On a more local level our commitment to the principles of environmental sustainability inspired a policy initiative leading to greener business practices and cost savings for the company.

To learn more about the United Nations Global Compact and the Ten Principles, click here.

To read Impact's 2016 Communication on Progress Report (posted February 2017) please click here to download.