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Mount Kilimanjaro - My personal classroom
‘This mountain reminds me that I am made of steel!’ said an MBA student, fresh off the summit of Kilimanjaro. Another student wrote to me the following week: ‘I’ve wanted to do humanitarian work for over a decade,’ she said, ‘two days back from Kilimanjaro, I made the shift.’This is no surprise to - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 15.03.17
Work as adventure
Impact associate Howie Crook has long felt his work to be a great adventure. For his Masters in leadership, Howie set out to explore to what extent others might share this viewpoint and what the implications for leadership may be.Howie’s research consisted of a pilot questionnaire, in-depth - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 08.03.17
Leader in the spotlight: Qudsia Karim
We interview the newly-appointed Head of Consulting at Impact UKQudsia brings 20 years strategic, global HR experience of working with C Suite, MD & Director levels across a range of different sectors.  Qudsia excels at creating innovative and forward-thinking people strategies, that - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 15.02.17
But just tell me what to do
Have you said or thought so much? Has one of your direct reports voiced this to you?We like a challenge us humans. It is all part of the hero’s journey. Overcoming obstacles and stretching ourselves to reach a goal is a key source of motivation and satisfaction in both our professional and personal - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 08.02.17
New Year, New You?
We all do it. We aim so high at the beginning of the year. We set those personal and professional goals and feel that this time we’ll really keep the momentum going. Then, come February, we’re back to our old tricks again. Much is written about goals and managing them, so I’ll spare you the - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 02.02.17
Sustainable development is good for UK business
Businesses unite in a bid to make the UK economy ‘fit for the future’ by backing sustainable development Earlier this week Impact along with 80 other organisations united to call on the Government to demonstrate its commitment to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the UK and - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 18.01.17