Relief work following the Thailand floods

Following the worst flooding Thailand had seen for over 50 years, Impact Thailand's Araya (Ya) Assawapayukul was determined to do what she could to help with post flood relief efforts.

Ya was keen to support a local community affected by the 2011 floods. Here is her latest update...

'It has been approximately five months since the floods, that devastated various provinces across the country. My commitment was to help the worst hit communities in Ayudhaya province. After doing an initial recce and meeting first hand with the flood victims, I decided to support an impoverished school situated in a small village in Ayudhaya.

The name of this school is Wat Sammakan School. The flood has wreaked severe damage to the school building, grounds and facilities. The water has since receded, and the school’s 60 students have now resumed their classes. Most of them come from poor and broken families that are also deeply affected by the flood. There are four dedicated and committed teachers who place these students as their top priority and take on various roles in order to keep the school running. Overall, I am very impressed by how these teachers and students try to stand on their own despite all the huge obstacles in front of them.

In order to provide support, I have initiated two sustainable and ongoing projects with the key aims of ingraining the students with “life skills” and providing the parents who have lost their jobs with additional vocational skills training.

Half of the funds I raised were spent on a baking oven, a mixer and baking-related equipment in order for the school to produce and sell their own baked products. The first vocational skill training was held on 17 February with a hearty turnout. The students and their parents spent a fun day learning how to bake biscuits.

The rest of the funds will be used to start a veggie garden project in April. The students will be able to learn the fundamentals of gardening and grow various kinds of vegetables and fruits. The school can then use these ingredients as part of their daily lunch meals and also sell the rest to the community.'

Araya Assawapayukul
April 2012

Please scroll through the photos below to see photos of the school during the floods and then the children making biscuits.