Tackling Worklessness

Worklessness presents a unique challenge. It requires new, different and creative approaches that tackle the fundamental barriers to individuals gaining sustainable employment.

Impact was established in 1980 with a simple aim: to bring passion and inspiration to people development. Today, Impact is a global leader in sustainable organisational development and leadership development, with our values and passion for social inclusion ingrained as part of our fabric. Throughout our 30 years in business our work across public, private and third sector organisations has enabled us to consistently draw on a depth of experience, applying new ideas and innovative approaches in tackling the issue of worklessness.

We believe that personal development is at the heart of the journey towards sustainable employment. Sustained behavioural change is the result of individuals having the opportunity to explore and systematically challenge the beliefs and attitudes that may limit their growth and employability. In our experience, individuals demonstrate a lack of basic ‘employability traits’ such as: self-confidence, personal responsibility, self-regard and commitment. Impact enable people to develop these ‘employability traits’ and challenge negative beliefs, attitudes and behaviours through an engaging, inspiring and practical approach. Our results are measured against job outcomes to prove success.

What is Impact's role?

We work in partnership with our clients to help tackle their challenges around worklessness in a variety of ways.

We partner our clients as:

  • Consultants – drawing on our experience and expertise in business facilitation we work closely with our clients on developing strategies, designing an integrated approach and providing an implementation plan for Tackling Worklessness.
  • Training providers – our bespoke programmes provide engaging, stimulating and consequential learning opportunities, designed to challenge attitudes and develop positive behaviours.
  • An employer – we have first hand experience of employing trainees, providing work experience and training. We have the capacity to grow towards becoming an employer for training and job creation in sustainable tourism through our hotel network.

What makes Impact different?

Coupled with our approach, clients have told us they choose to work with Impact because of our commitment to supporting their agenda, our focus on delivering real outcomes and our desire to continually improve what we do.

Here are some of the reasons that make working with Impact different:

  • Green Jobs – many of our corporate clients are interested in joining together the environmental and social aspects of their business. Impact are well placed to broker partnerships between our corporate and public sector clients in this future growth market.
  • Corporate experience – our experience of working with all levels across a variety of sectors means we understand the skills, behaviours and attitudes required to get a job and develop a sustainable career in an ever-changing economy.
  • Community engagement & innovation – innovation is at the centre of Impact's approach to learning and development. We have pioneered new methodologies that break down barriers between businesses and communities.
  • Accelerated learning – our programmes quickly assist individuals in identifying and dismantling the barriers that contribute to worklessness. This can free your organisation to divert valuable resources to reaching more people.
  • Sustainable jobs – attending an Impact experiential programme also embeds the beliefs and attitudes that will enable an individual to transfer learning, gain and importantly, retain employment.
  • Recognition – Impact is an award winning organisation. We work with many public sector organisations and were awarded ‘Best Practise’ for Working with Challenging Individuals when inspected by ALI (OFSTED). 

The journey to employability

Impact has extensive experience of working with people who face significant barriers in their lives.

  • Unemployed people
  • NEET young people(Not in Education Employment or Training)
  • Lone parents
  • Incapacity Benefit claimants
  • New Deal recipients
  • Young people who display anti-social behaviour
  • Other socially marginalised groups including ex-offenders and homeless people

What our clients say...

"This part of the programme is always done in the early stages; the difference it has made to clients has been overwhelming. Once clients have returned they are more motivated, their managers notice a big difference from carrying out their daily activities to taking on new responsibilities, and they speak highly of the staff that supported them."
Patrick McCarten
Programmes Manager, Employment & Social Inclusion Department
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Further Information

Read more about Impact's approach to Tackling Worklessness or contact our team.

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