Sustainability Consulting

Impact has developed a sustainability consulting practice focused on helping clients address their business sustainability challenges.  This consultancy was developed in response to client requests for support in this area, as more and more organisations are realising the benefits associated with adopting more sustainable business practices.

We consult with clients across a broad spectrum – including organisations that are at an early stage of the journey as well as those that are well down the path in implementing sustainability strategies.  Our consultants will work with you to define where your organisation is on this journey and help you implement an inclusive, engaging, and mindset-changing approach to operating more sustainably.

We work with you to identify key business drivers and embed a sustainability mindset across your organization.  Our consultation process involves analysis, visioning and strategy, selection and coaching of sustainability leaders and change management. We design and deliver initiatives that produce cultural shifts in support of sustainability.

Sustainability Consulting - business benefits

  • Financial Return on Investment
  • Increase in engagement levels – of your employees, stakeholders and customers
  • Improved Talent Management – attract, engage and retain the best people
  • Improved brand value – practices that live up to your PR messages
  • Your Legacy: a sustainable enterprise to be proud of and the opportunity to be remembered as an authentic and visionary leader