Organisational Development

Enabling sustainable change through Organisational Development

Organisations are complicated things. They’re complex, unpredictable and constantly changing, just like the world they are part of. Structures, tools, policies and processes all have an important part to play, but, in the end, organisational change is the sum of personal change enacted by individuals throughout the organisation.

Organisational Development must take into account the emerging need for organisations to recognise and embrace social and environmental issues alongside economic ones. At Impact we explore ways of achieving sustainable Organisational Development through leadership, dialogue and engagement.

This doesn’t mean that senior managers don’t need to have a vision, a strategy or change plan. It simply means focussing on skills that harness the knowledge, energy and activity that are already there. This is much more effective than trying to wrestle the organisation into submission.

To achieve sustainable change, organisations must also recognise the emerging need to embrace social, environmental and economic issues in their thinking and not just profit.

Business Benefits

  • Action-oriented, self-aware leaders who will improve organisational performance, profit and revenue
  • A workforce that is engaged and committed in the long-term development of your organisation
  • Going global: Please click here to read more about our capacity to roll out your organisational development strategy on an international level