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In challenging times, with sights often focused solely on hitting targets, it can be easy to forget the ‘people’ element of a successful business. Yet leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realise the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximising the performance of the organisation.

This two and a half day programme has been designed to give managers and leaders an opportunity to explore the impact of their leadership on their organisation and to develop the behaviours and strategies that will encourage and sustain an engaged and committed workforce.

Programme Objectives

This programme will provide leaders and managers with the opportunity to:
•    Understand their impact as a leader through increased self-awareness
•    Increase their insight and skills in managing self and others (Emotional Intelligence)
•    Develop their ability to create a shared vision of the purpose and future direction of their organisation and to translate this vision into action
•    Identify the key behavioural drivers of employee engagement and the link between these and business performance.
•    Understand the leader’s role in creating an environment where others can realise their potential and perform at their best

Our Approach

This two and a half day programme will give senior managers and leaders an opportunity to explore the impact of their leadership on their organisation and to develop the behaviours and strategies that will encourage and sustain an engaged and committed workforce.

Impact’s leadership development programmes are designed to be exciting and challenging on both an intellectual and practical level. Theory is important in the development of leaders; however, people become more effective as they learn how to demonstrate leadership through their actions. Our programmes combine current thinking on leadership and employee engagement with focused projects and exercises where individuals are challenged to use their leadership abilities to deliver results. The mixture of theory inputs and practical exercises is connected by continuous review, discussion and feedback.

The final design of the programme will be flexed to the specific needs of the participants. As always, we will work in partnership to design the best solution we possibly can. There will be opportunities to engage in adventure and journeys, live business projects, meaningful dialogue and a Community Action Project.  There will be the chance to debate models of leadership, to receive coaching and support from your fellow participants and to tap into the expertise of a variety of Impact consultants and specialists.

Each activity becomes a lens through which to examine leadership as it happens and to frame feedback. Our reviews will identify and discuss the behaviours that are significant in dialogue, decision-making, and leadership.
You will leave the programme exhausted and inspired. Your self-awareness will be heightened and your capacity for leadership improved. Your increased insight will support an approach to leadership that is practical, useful, accessible and innovative.

Testimonials from our previous programmes

"I thought it was the most effective programme I’ve been on - totally immersive, practical, uncomfortable on occasions, well facilitated, and real time learning"
Tim Haley
Head of Information Services, Lake District National Park Authority.

“An extremely well facilitated experience which developed leadership style by stretching participants out of their comfort zones and challenging thinking on leadership qualities”.
Simon Osborne
Business Health and Safety Manager, Wates

"If you get a chance to work with Impact, take it"
Steve Daniels
Lead Consultant / Manager, BT

"I found the programme hugely rewarding - both intellectually and emotionally. I learnt a lot about my own leadership style as well as how other people have different styles and the effect this can have on a group of people. The structure of the programme created real learning opportunities in a variety of settings and I found the community project particularly inspiring in terms of meaning and value in a leadership context.
I found the Impact team very motivating and caring - with a genuine interest in people and a passion for helping them to develop. The responsibility for the learning is yours and yours alone but the Impact team are there to support and guide you at the right moments.
I can honestly say that attending the programme has continued to have a positive effect on how I approach situations that call for acts of leadership and helped me to find the courage to act"

Helen Symes
Associate Director, Tenon Academy / Human Resources
, RSM Tenon

"Absolutely fantastic one of the best courses I’ve attended -  overall quite emotional and even made a difference in my personal life"
Victoria Ross
Learning & Development Ops L&D Support Team Leader, LV

"A journey of self-discovery that was both liberating and hugely rewarding"
Michael Hall
Senior Product Manager, BT

Programme Fee

All programme facilitation, materials and specialist equipment are provided FREE.

Participants only have to pay for accommodation and meals during the programme. Read about future dates and costs.

FREE places are limited to two per organisation.
Please note: this limit is total attendees, not per programme. Once two people from your organisation have attended any previous programme, additional participants will be charged.

To register your interest please complete our online form