Graduate Programme

Fast track development for Honda car designers.


Honda car designers are required to use their creative talents to turn society’s needs into something concrete. Honda’s corporate philosophy is to employ independent individuals who acknowledge each other, help out with each others’ shortfalls, and thus strengthen the organisation. Honda’s graduate programme needed to reflect this team mission and philosophy, by helping the graduates grow as individuals and factoring in the importance of being self-dependent whilst showing understanding to others with different values.


Impact and Honda co-created a four-day programme that culminated with a Community Action Learning project. The graduates had 48 hours to create an entertaining music video and performance for a group of 5 - 6 year olds at Fujiyoshida No. 6 Nursery School – an audience who would struggle to clearly express their wishes into words.

To understand the requirements of their audience the graduates spent time with the children in a pre-arranged play session and interviewed their headmaster and teachers. Based on this experience and using their creativity and imagination, the graduates made props, choreographed the scenes and produced two videos. The videos needed to be of the highest quality and tight deadlines were set to ensure that the overall production went smoothly.  

Over 100 children and their guardians attended the video presentation and performance. The graduates interacted with the audience by dressing up as characters from the video and dancing and singing with them. The audience voted for their favourite film and both videos were donated to the school for future use.


The nursery school were delighted that the children had the opportunity for positive interaction with people from outside their community. The teachers noted that the children’s personal confidence increased when asked to make their own choice for the best video.

For Honda, this programme revealed a harsh reality for the designers of the future: an awareness that in some situations their job is to create something from nothing whilst understanding the feelings of clients who may not be able to express their needs verbally.

The graduates also learnt the value of taking into consideration each other’s feelings and thoughts instead of clashing with opposing views. As the children expressed their enjoyment of the videos and the performances by standing up and dancing along, the professional designers took their first successful steps.

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