Community Action Learning

Eisai are a research-based human health care company that discover, develop and market pharmaceutical products throughout the world.


The pharmaceutical firm, Eisai wanted a learning event that would bring their corporate mission to life. Their mission is ‘to give first thought to patients and their families and to strive to increase the benefits health care provides.’ Eisai employees who develop new medicines are greatly encouraged to consider both scientific data and the needs and feelings of the end users.


Impact Japan proposed an innovative Community Action Learning (CAL) project that enabled Eisai employees to understand their mission statement and how it can be realised through direct communication with patients. Impact and Eisai designed the CAL project with the co-operation of a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) who provide support to children with cancer and their families in a Tokyo hospital. The resulting two and a half day programme was divided into three sessions.

The NPO staff ran the first orientation session. They gave the participants an overview of the hospital and the children. The second session was the first hospital visit. The participants spent the afternoon interacting with the children; finding out what they wanted to be when they grew up and helping them illustrate this in a drawing.

Over the next week the participants prepared a costume for each child, depicting what they wanted to be. In the third session the costumes were presented to the children who wore them proudly while marching around the hospital ward. The participants took pictures of the parade and gave them to the children.


The children, their parents and the hospital staff really enjoyed the project as it provided an excellent opportunity for the children to display their feelings and it focused on a positive future for everyone involved.

For the participants, the project enabled them to evaluate the extent to which they had lived the company’s mission, how they reacted to the feelings of the users of their products and how as employees of Eisai they could better conduct their business.

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