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Impact (Japan) Ltd. is Impact International's second largest office globally. We are also the longest-standing member of our Asia-Pacific regional network, providing Japanese, English and bilingual tailor-made solutions for some of Japan’s most successful domestic and foreign-owned ‘Gaishike' businesses since 1990. Based in Tokyo, we work with clients from Hokkaido to Okinawa across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries.

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Whilst remaining true to Impact’s core approach to supporting an organization’s journey to being a sustainable enterprise, Impact Japan brings added value to our clients as we provide a unique insight to doing business in Japan, working with multi-cultural organizations and bringing the best of both Japanese and Western business styles to the table.

Impact Japan has delivered powerful, unique solutions to some of the most successful and largest businesses locally and globally, working with everyone from the Senior Executive to the New Graduate.

Impact Japan
2 Floor, MF Building
1-6-12, Yoyogi
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053
+81 (0)3 5371 6678