Innovation & Creativity

In order to succeed in the changing world, organisations will need to be more creative and innovative. Successful organisations are not limiting themselves to sticking to their core business in the future but plan to focus on innovation, develop new products and services and break into new markets. They are also innovating new ways of working together, breaking down silos and sharing best practice.

Impact offer a number of approaches to enable you to tap into the innovation and creativity that already exists within your organisation.

Return on Innovation

Driving bottom line results - this programme will take participants through a creativity and implementation planning process so that they can innovate, adding value to the bottom line.

Return on Innovation takes the form of a 2 day conference for up to 200 delegates, culminating in every participant committing to a bottom line innovation to either increase revenue, reduce cost or improve customer engagement that they can implement on returning to the office.  Two recent programmes have created implementation plans of over £90 million to be delivered in the next six months with much greater returns over the whole year.

Results Accelerator

Results Accelerator creates value on the bottom line by identifying existing areas of innovation and excellence from within a business, sharing them widely and creating implementation plans to deliver improved performance across large, complex organisations.

Results Accelerator® is a 12 week process that identifies areas of innovation excellence within a pan-continental or global organisation, shares them, and then creates mass implementation plans to deliver results back to the whole business. It is designed to overcome problems created by silo mentalities in large, complex organisations and provides a very high ROI.

Creativity and Innovation workshops

These workshops will equip delegates with a variety of tools and techniques to improve creative and entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. Designed to immerse participants in the world of Innovation for a day, the programme reveals more about how individuals think and what we can all do to release our ability to be more innovative. Participants will benefit from increased confidence in their ability to innovate and turn ideas into practical action.

Innovation & Creativity - business benefits:

  • Added value on the bottom line - encouraging your people to see new ways of increasing revenue and reducing costs
  • Improved cross-functional relationships and break down of silo working on a global scale
  • Increased employee engagement and motivation through participation in our high energy interventions.
  • Success that can be measured – read more about how we evaluate our work with you
  • Going global: read more about our capacity to roll out your innovation strategy on an international level

More Information

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