Graduate Development

Leveraging fresh talent

Graduate Development: Attracting, developing and retaining talented graduates is integral to the strategy of a sustainable business.

Today's graduates and new talent are more socially, environmentally and commercially informed than ever before. They are also astute consumers who rate career progression, personal development and company reputation equally to pay and benefits. High expectations of working life make them notoriously hard to retain but their fresh ideas and thinking enable organisations to be more innovative and competitive, whilst developing a pipeline of future leaders.

Impact work in partnership with you to develop sophisticated programmes that help graduates and new talent develop the commitment, business skills and behaviours necessary to add measurable value at both organisational and individual level. Our programmes incorporate carefully designed projects and simulations to elicit the skills and behaviours needed to manage the challenges that will confront graduates and new talent in their work environment. The engaging mix of practical, reflective, emotional and conceptual elements ensures that learning is embedded in a consequential, measurable and lasting way.

Graduate Development - business benefits

  • Graduates emotionally committed to a long-term development journey in your organisation
  • Increased sense of personal brand - bringing the company's values to life
  • Increased business skills and desirable behaviours for high performance
  • Success that can be measured – read more about how we evaluate our work with you
  • Going global: read more about our capacity to roll out your graduate strategy on an international level

Small intake of graduates?

Impact are proud to launch a NEW Graduate Development Open Programme 'Ignite' in partnership with HR Consultants Futureboard. Ignite is aimed at businesses that recruit a small number of graduates per year, creating an economically viable scheme. Click here to read more about this powerful programme.

Our graduate philosophy

  • Right here right now - you will engage and retain your graduates not by focussing on what they 'will do tomorrow' but on stretching and challenging them today
  • Keep it real - for graduates the most powerful learning is learning they can directly connect to work. Use real business leaders, real examples, real clients, real projects and your graduates will translate what they learn into what they do
  • Relationships matter - the fastest way for graduates to accelerate their careers and deliver value to your business is to develop their interpersonal skills in parallel with their technical skills
  • Make a difference - values matter to Gen Y. Learning opportunities that link with CSR in meaningful and practical ways, will engage your talent and give them real world challenges through which to develop.

More Information

For more graduate development information, read about how we work in collaboration with graduate recruitment consultants or read the results from our recent graduate surveys.

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