Global Advisory Practice

Impact’s Global Advisory Practice is designed to provide practical, experienced and skilled support to companies to help them perform well. That’s it.

The practice is led from our US office in New York connecting a team of advisors from across our global business. The US team includes Jeremy Benton, Andre Kotze and Shanna Teel.

The practice is rooted in the belief that we can make a real difference to the effectiveness of a company through the provision of independent, expert advice and practical support. The value we provide is that of a trusted advisor with many years of experience helping organisations and talent to thrive and succeed.

Our commitment to our clients is that we will listen deeply and get to know you and your business and earn your trust as a starting point for using our expertise, our network and our resources to help. We know that every business is different and therefore every route to business success is different.


Our advisors are in thoughtful dialogue with a range of companies. Those dialogues continue to inform our understanding about the relationship between business strategy and people strategy and the challenges of getting those strategies aligned. Some of those conversations include:

  • Understanding how to create a sustainable connection between the business strategy and the people strategy in a fast moving dynamic global marketplace. We frequently see the people strategy lagging behind the business strategy and creating a drag on company performance.
  • How to get senior leaders to see themselves as people strategy leaders, embedding people strategy across the business rather than see it simply as the role of HR.
  • Talent management is a highly skilled craft, not susceptible to standardised modeling and boilerplate solutions. Just like any craft, talent management skills take time to develop; our advisors can help to accelerate that learning.
  • Aligning the people strategy with organisational design so the two pull in the same direction. This is more than just organisational structure; it relates to the intention behind the design of the structure.
  • Transforming the effectiveness of the HR function. As the old certainties about how business should work are being swept away by waves of disruption so too does HR need to transform its role. The arrival of the emerging CHRO role is part of the response to the need for HR to transform, becoming a business strategist and catalyst for new ideas and new cultural norms. Our advisors can support HR professionals in making the transition to more strategic and catalytic roles.

Our core business is leadership and key talent development, so we are naturally great at learning. Over the years we have learned a lot. We know the theories, the models and the research. But mainly we have learned a lot about people. We know what makes people tick, and what it takes to release the extraordinary potential that most of us have. Above all, we have learned a lot about creating a sense of community that is so vital to getting people to perform well together.

Bringing all of this experience and expertise together is at the heart of what our Advisory Practice offers. Impact has always been about improvement through action; that is why we have maintained a practical experiential approach to learning. Our advisors continue to operate in this tradition, bringing theory to life and making it actionable.

Our advisors work with you from the inside-out, to see the world through your eyes but also maintaining an independence so that we can speak the truth as we see it.  We will always start where you are and to get alongside and help you move forward. Sometimes the journey will take our clients and advisors to places neither of us expected or anticipated when we started.

Which of course is part of the joy of business and of life.

For an initial conversation drop a line to ted [dot] gemmell [at] impactinternational [dot] com (subject: Global%20Advisory%20Practice) (Ted Gemmell) and we’ll get started on listening to you.

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