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Environmental Policy

Impact is committed to delivering high quality programmes, which have a minimal negative effect upon the environment we work in. Our environmental objectives and targets are set at management level with an aim for continuous environmental improvement.

Our policy within the UK training business includes:

  • Compliance with, and wherever possible exceeding, environmental legislation and local users agreements.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments of all past, current and likely future hazardous activities.
  • A commitment to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.
  • Management of waste products including the reduction, re-use and recycling of all possible office materials and supplies.
  • Use of energy efficient methods wherever possible.
  • Integration of environmental objectives into the everyday management of our activities.
  • Annual reviews and reporting of environmental policies and practices throughout Impact, including inductions for all staff.
  • Transport strategies for both commuter and business use, including car-pooling, provisions for cyclists and powerboat use.
  • Use of raw materials from sustainable sources wherever possible.

Impact is operating in accordance to ISO 14001:2004. This has been verified through an external audit by Cumbria Business Environmental Network in 2012 where a Gold standard was achieved. We are working with other areas of the Impact Group to improve their policies, with the ultimate aim of Group certification to ISO 14001:2004.

Impact has developed training programmes with a conservation theme alongside the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Friends of the Lake District.

In the UK we work in partnership with local and national environmental organisations such as; the Lake District National Parks Authority, English Nature and Nurture Lakeland. We have worked with Cumbria Woodlands to promote and maintain an ecological balance within our grounds.

Further information

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