Developing an Older Workforce

We know from our Diversity and Inclusion work that it has become more important than ever for organisations to maximise the talent of every employee. Sustainable business success requires you to engage with a diverse and dynamic workforce, from Gen Y to 50+.

The working population is getting older. Increased life expectancy combined with shortfalls in pension provision has led to employees deferring retirement and working for longer. These factors, along with changes in regulations to give employees protection against discrimination on the grounds of age, mean that many organisations now have a sizeable older workforce.

Impact can help you to engage with and develop your Older Workforce. Drawing on our expertise in Diversity programmes, we help your people develop the attitudes and beliefs that will let them see value in connecting and working with others who they see as ‘different’ to themselves. Our approach is practical, experiential and based around your current reality - what is happening in your workplace for your people.

Impact are also specialists in Employee Engagement. We can work with you to determine the effects of leadership behaviour within the context of employee engagement strategies and provide managers with practical people management tools to engage others and model the leadership required.

Together we can create a sustainable culture that promotes a respectful, inclusive, knowledge-based environment within which each person has the chance to develop their potential and contribute to the success of the organisation.

Developing an Older Workforce - business benefits

  • A diverse workforce that represents your customer and community base
  • Increased levels of Employee Engagement
  • Improved communication between employees and teams
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and quality
  • Increased morale and reduced grievances
  • Ability to harness the wealth of talent in your older workers
  • Access to the industry and client knowledge your older workers' can offer
  • Enhanced innovation and decision-making abilities due to the inclusion of multiple perspectives
  • Deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of intergenerational working
  • Success that can be measured – read more about how we evaluate our work with you
  • Going global: read more about our capacity to roll out your employee engagement strategy on an international level