Change Management

Transforming Organisations

Too often, when change projects fail, the soft stuff turns out to have been the hard stuff. At Impact, we know that successful change management starts and finishes with the soft stuff; only people can make it or break it. If the analysis was right and the vision is right, the rest is people. In all interventions, we focus first on what is too often an afterthought – on the human and cultural context of change. For us it is not an afterthought, it is the arena in which change succeeds or fails.

We support or lead organisational change at any and every level and stage in the process, from board level facilitation, message and business-case formulation to organisation-wide dialogue, education and culture-shaping.

Whether we are consultants to a change project or training leaders for change, we start with a perspective shift, from ‘making it happen’ to ‘letting it happen’ – we show how you can create conditions, use imagination and dialogue, make spaces into which the organisation can grow, growing in resilience and flexibility as it does, becoming a better place to work and a more sustainable entity into the bargain.

Impact specialises in leadership development and so, naturally, we see leadership as the critical process at the heart of organisational change. There is a supply side and a demand side to leadership – we work on both, helping those charged with the task of change to find the right voice, exemplify the change and define their own leadership so that they can inspire confidence; helping everyone, whatever their role, see the opportunities for action that serves the change – and helps them be the change.

Change Management - business benefits

  • An engaged workforce, motivated to work out how to turn the organisation’s intentions into reality
  • Managers who lead with consistency,  delivering change in an astute and sustainable way

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