99% of participants agreed the programme was a rewarding experience


Deutsche Bank

With more than 100,000 employees in 73 countries, Deutsche Bank offers financial services throughout the world.  A leader in Germany and Europe, the bank is continuously growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets.


For the past ten years, Impact has been working in partnership with Deutsche Bank to design and deliver their Graduate Teamwork Challenge. This two-day programme forms a key part of the Deutsche Bank graduate induction programme for up to 800 global graduates each year, from across all functions of the business. The event takes place in London each July and September.


As they begin their careers with Deutsche Bank, it is essential that the graduates are able to immediately understand how to operate effectively within the business. Deutsche Bank and Impact worked in close partnership to design an experience that:

  • Aligned the learning agenda with Deutsche Bank’s values
  • Challenged the graduates with delivering a real project to a client
  • Transferred behaviour and learning actions to the work place
  • Confirmed Deutsche Bank’s commitment to CSR
  • Raised understanding of teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Developed networks, both inter-culturally and internationally.


Impact designed a programme around Deutsche Bank’s values of performance, innovation, customer focus, teamwork and trust. These values were brought to life with a real community project that enabled the new hires to engage directly with Deutsche Bank’s commitment to CSR, through sustainable development, community engagement and education.

The two-day event focuses on a consequential Community Action Learning project. The graduates are split into groups of 50, and work on a series of projects for schools and youth groups based in East London. The projects are designed to provide a live business context, requiring project management, effective allocation of resources, time and priority management, relationship development, customer service and real problem solving.

Graduates take part in a number of projects:

Community Development
Graduates were tasked with a number of physical projects to transform part of each community partner’s grounds. Projects included refurbishment of youth clubs, construction of adventure playgrounds and creation of sensory gardens, vegetable allotments and composting bins. Impact provide the graduate teams with blueprints and equipment for the safe construction of this play and educational equipment. However, the graduates must work effectively together to innovate, problem solve and cope with the tight deadlines whilst managing the expectations of their community client.

Community Education
Impact designed Learnopoly® - a challenging educational project delivered by the graduates to a group of young people from their community partner. The graduates work with the children through a series of up to 40 interactive educational projects, covering creativity, activity and discovery elements. The project culminates with a joint presentation and performance in front of parents, teachers and peers. Learnopoly® was developed around key school curriculum learning themes, ensuring a direct learning relevance for our community partners taking part in the initiative.

Programme benefits

The project provides a direct link for new hires into the expectations of their role whilst simultaneously providing a platform for graduates to understand Deutsche Bank’s corporate values and commitment to communities.

For the Community Partners
The programme provides significant physical, financial and educational support as they seek ways to continuously develop their provision for the communities they serve.

‘On behalf of the school, I would like to thank Deutsche Bank and the entire Impact team. Over a pair of two day sessions our school’s entire Eco-resources programme has been fulfilled. This was scheduled to take two academic years, yet the resources have been completed to a level that exceeded our expectation. This is an amazing achievement and one which our whole school community is both delighted and inspired by.’
St Monica’s School, London

For Deutsche Bank graduates
‘It was a great experience to work with international colleagues in a non-office environment. A perfect way to start networking and getting to know everybody.’


The Teamwork Challenge receives exemplary feedback from the graduates who participate each year.
99% agreed it was a rewarding experience
98% felt that Impact’s onsite facilitation added value
99% agreed the projects were appropriate for their graduate programme

Note: statistics based on post programme survey results. Total respondents = 329