With the July 4th holiday still fresh in our minds, I began thinking about freedom and what it means to feel free. To be free in the sense of our Founding Fathers was the desire to be free of British rule. The most quoted passage from the Declaration of Independence states, “we hold - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 07.07.16
As part of our experiential development approach, we contrive situations for leaders so as to heighten their opportunities for observation and reflection around their acts of leadership, or as the participants thought I said because of my New Zealand accent, the X of leadership. I liked - Read More...
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Impact's Senior Consultant, Richard Little, shares his six top tips on how to choose the right leadership development degree. As global leadership development experts we meet managers at every career point, from - Read More...
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New technology is changing everything in increasingly unpredictable ways. Every senior leader in every organisation everywhere must be able to answer a simple question: ‘How do we evolve?’

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Posted by GrahameB on 24.02.16
We continue to be in the grip of a global leadership crisis. It is the sort of crisis that we, human beings, seem deeply ill equipped to respond to. For example we struggle to see the leadership problem clearly enough or acknowledge that - Read More...
Posted by GrahameB on 01.02.16
DOING THE RIGHT THING “If you don’t stand up for your values when they are tested, then they aren’t values, they are hobbies” Jon Stewart. There are lots of ways of modifying the word leadership to emphasise particular approaches to the challenge - Read More...
Posted by GrahameB on 08.09.15
I had some thoughts whilst mowing the lawn this Saturday evening. I decided to share them in the hope that they might help us all spot leadership talent. I had four lawns to cut in the garden. LAWN ONEOn lawn one I thought about some ideas relating to spotting leadership - Read More...
Posted by AndyD on 19.05.15
You don’t have to look far to find the latest 'definitive' list of leadership competencies. Yet the more of these lists we see, and the longer they grow, the further away we get from any real sense of what leadership might be; the more exact and prescriptive the elements, the less space - Read More...
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