Back in 1989, Charles Handy wrote about the emergence of “portfolio workers”, individuals who reject the notion of a single, permanent job, instead using their varied skills, interests and achievements to secure a number of often-temporary roles with a variety of organisations. This - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 20.02.13
Learnfest: Talent 2013
Bookworms go to The Hay Festival, music lovers flock to Glastonbury, petrolheads race to CarFest, so what's stopping the world of Learning & Development having their own 'Festival of Learning' and blurring the lines between learning and fun. Answer - nothing!  That's why at Impact - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 07.02.13
The concept of 70:20:10 continues to gain momentum in the world of Learning and Development. We hear it mentioned more and more in client meetings and I get the impression that it is interpreted in many different ways. For this reason, I thought it could be a good topic for my blog. I will cover - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 10.04.12
Impact's adventure began from my kitchen table over 31 years ago when I was 23 years old. Our first, tentative steps into business were heavily fuelled with raw enthusiasm, a shared passion for adventure and an absolute belief that learning from experience could help people to develop, far - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 18.11.11