Employers do your bit

Employers do your bit and get more from us

On average we spend half of our waking day at work for 40 years...that's a looooooooong time. And when you're working hard to be competitive, keep your job, provide your family...where's the time for YOU and your health?

What we need is employers to get on board and help us take action towards better physical and psychological health. Why? Because if it benefits YOU it will benefit them. This has all been researched, leading to the Workwell model developed by Business in the Community (BITC).

How can employers help?

  • Provide benefits that are proactive not reactive - improve employee health before they need to use the health insurance!

  • British Heart Foundation have a "health at work" programme providing materials and ideas to follow while at work for better cardiovascular health.

  • Get a "Play room". Not just that comfy sofa for a post lunch snooze... get some games that involve standing and doing - table football, darts, table tennis, pool. Just a 10 minute play break will have health benefits, not to mention the social, fun and possibly competitive aspects. It doesn't always have to be serious, make up silly challenges to include everyone, like get the ping pong ball in the coffee cup!

  • Sports reps are a good idea, as organised sport at work has so many benefits, but it causes more stress for that "willing volunteer". Get an outside person or company to organise the event to take that pressure and stress away... someone like me!

  • Family activities and events will promote the health of employees and their family, reducing absenteeism due to family illness. It also builds engagement and relationships within the company.

  • Communicate. Do you know what your employees like or want? For physical activity to have optimum health benefits it needs to be enjoyable, don't offer what you think they should do, offer what they want. This will also aid retention.

  • Set up an agreement with a nutritious healthy eating café/shop at least 5 minutes walk from work. Maybe organise a phone order service so they can walk in pick up and walk out again ensuring  10 minutes of exercise.

  • Provide healthy breakfast options to ensure their body and mind are set and prepared optimally for work. The NHS says "eating breakfast can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes" not to mention it's required for cognitive function, that is, using your brain!

  • Ensure there is water available at all times, by the time we feel thirsty there is up to a 10% decline in cognition.

And they're just a few! Once you start, the possibilities are endless!

Thought of more ideas?

Want help implementing them?

Want individual bespoke support for each employee?

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