Impact have delivered a series of action packed and very memorable programmes for our graduates

Nicky Badrick


BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a global banking and financial services institution. It has one of the largest international networks with operations in 84 countries with over 200,000 employees.


BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB) hire graduates according to business need and for a specific role. Graduates need to value learning, teamwork and creativity and want to develop the confidence and business knowledge to be able to act decisively within a fast moving banking environment.


BNP Paribas wanted to create a suite of graduate programmes to challenge, develop and engage their graduates at particular points in their career with the Bank. These programmes would work with the graduate intakes at different stages in their career, but regardless of this, each event needed to consistently:

  • Develop business skills through applying them in different situations
  • Highlight transferable inter-personal skills and personal values
  • Align with BNP Paribas’ core group values and CIB behaviours
  • Demonstrate commitment to CSR and contribute towards graduate engagement.


Graduate Induction
In their first week, the graduate class receive an overall induction to the Bank. BNP Paribas wanted this learning event to bring to life the bank’s culture and values in a fun and memorable way. Impact suggested the graduates collaborated in groups to apply their business skills to make a real contribution to a social project.

Impact devised a programme that linked the graduates with BNP Paribas’ existing CSR partner; a charity who work on social, economic and environmental projects in London.

The graduates were challenged to devise a creative solution for a real task as set out by the charity. Impact introduced sessions on personal impact, presentation skills and leadership. The graduates then had to present their solution to a panel of senior managers from the Bank and representatives from the charity partner.

Impact facilitators worked alongside the graduate teams throughout the process. The event concluded with an intensive review and dialogue session to reflect on and understand the impact of partnering, leadership and team working skills .

Personal Leadership & Powering Forwards
Towards the end of the graduate development programme, BNP Paribas wanted to bring the class of graduates back together for a high-energy event, with real outcomes.

Impact designed a Learning Journey that would give the graduates time to reflect on their careers to date and take ownership of identifying future development opportunities. To enable them to do this, the event included:

  • Pre-course questionnaire based on CIB behaviours
  • A mix of challenging experiential learning projects
  • Personal reflection time to assess goals achieved and goals to aim for in their careers.

This event was designed to have global reach. Since the first successful programme in the English Lake District, Impact has delivered this programme in Asia & Europe.


Throughout the suite of programmes, the graduates’ have used personal experiences, feedback from their peers, managers and Impact facilitators to take ownership of their own action-learning path.

‘Impact have delivered a series of action packed and very memorable programmes for our graduates. The events have enabled them to really bond as a team and feel engaged with a new perspective towards their career and future. These programmes have run like clockwork, and thanks to the whole Impact team, it felt like we had been adopted by a new family during our time with you.’
Nicky Badrick
Global Graduate Development Manager