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Webinar: Leading teams, leading change

At the heart of all organisational performance is the ability for individuals to work effectively together. Simply putting a capable group of people together does not ensure a high-performing culture, but you can equip them with the tools, mindsets, and capacity to ensure they perform to their maximum capability.  

Discover how to liberate your top team's performance in this interactive, free workshop. 

Team Performance Model

Join our webinar on developing high performing teams

High-performing teams are the foundation of every successful organisation. Despite this, so many organisations struggle to realise their full capability, limiting efficiency, synergy, and results. You have the potential to change this. 

Take 45 minutes to learn how to grow high performing teams in today’s competitive landscape, when time is against you and energy levels are depleted. 

Why attend?

Led by our experienced facilitators, this interactive workshop goes beyond theory and delves deeply into practical strategies that are proven to transform team performance. 

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From this session, you will take away:
  • Market insights: understand the challenges facing senior teams currently.
  • Actionable strategies: practical tips and strategies to implement immediately.
  • New perspectives: insights into the six domains of Impact's Team Performance Model™.

If you don’t have time to develop a high-performing team now – then when? 


Can you make it?

We're hosting this webinar in three global regions to suit your time zone.

Americas – Tuesday 24th October 14.00 EST

Asia-Pacific – Wednesday 25th October 11.00 SGT

Europe – Wednesday 25th October 13.00 BST


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