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In Market Journeys

Learning from experts and the experience of other organisations to better inform your own. Always challenging, they are designed to inform a deliberate step in moving forward.

Bringing the outside in

As life in organisations becomes busier and busier it becomes more and more difficult to get our heads up and keep an eye on the things that are important.

Like the marketplace. Or customer groups. Or technology.

We know that we should be out and about networking, learning from experts and staying one step ahead of our competitors.

In Market Journeys are uniquely designed learning opportunities to gather expert opinion, insight and experience from outside of your organisation relevant to the leadership challenge you are facing.

These are the conversations, insights and experiences you need to help you move forward. They structure the gathering of market intelligence and external perspective in ways that help you shift your thinking and inform your strategy.

They are carefully designed so that knowledge and insight emerge through investigation, through curiosity and a sense of adventure; it is a process not an event.

In Market Journeys are always challenging because they are designed to inform a shift, a move forward, a deliberate and vital step in moving forward.

'It was great to see people at all levels of the business working together, building relationships and creating a culture that they want to be a part of.'

Ivan Scalfarotto, HR Head, Citi Corporate & Investment Banking Russia