snowy mountains

Learning in the Outdoors

We integrate outdoor adventures into our customised solutions to create a powerful leadership development experience. Adventure is the process of being uncomfortably excited.

Adventure with purpose

Impact was born in the Lake District in the North West of England, beautiful and unique part of the world where it is easy to appreciate the power of the outdoors to animate, motivate and challenge.

The spark that created Impact was a sense that the outdoors could and should be used to help the learning and development community provoke profound change at a personal and professional level.

That spark grew quickly and gave rise to Impact as a global organisation, where adventure is still at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We define adventure as the process of being uncomfortably excited.

We integrate outdoor adventures into our customised solutions where we think it will add value.

Leaders can find themselves in beautiful parts of the world, from Greenland to the tropical rainforests of Africa as we integrate a learning journey with a physical journey across a powerful landscape.

Or you can join us in the English Lake District where you will find yourself on a bike, in a boat, on a rope or just walking up a mountain with a coach reaching deeper into the important issues you are confronting as a leader.

Whatever challenge you, your team or your organisation are facing, taking it all outside can create a profound effect and deliver the shift you need.

'Co-operation with Impact was excellent. We especially appreciated their consultative skills and creativity in designing the programme, their ability to listen to our needs and also their observation and feedback abilities with the participants during the programme.'

Piero Beltrame, HR Development, Ericsson