Coaching for Performance

Building the capacity of leaders to coach others effectively to maximise their performance, by direct encounter with the skills and capabilities necessary to perform.

Emotionally intelligent leaders get results

All leaders and managers need to get results through others. But gone (or going) are the days when command and control was all we needed.

Our organisations are flatter (and flattening), more prone to disruption, are more dynamic (or should be), more agile and less predictable.

In this context leaders and managers need to influence rather than direct; they need to engage with a much wider range of stakeholders and influencers than ever before.

Leaders who can’t do this will find themselves and their organisations falling behind.

Coaching leaders and managers to become coaches themselves transforms their ability to work effectively in 21st century organisations and builds a platform for a more emotionally intelligent approach to the problems and opportunities we face.

But building a coaching culture out of the rubble of a command and control structure isn’t easy.

Building individual leaders confidence and skills in coaching as a route to performance improvement isn’t easy.

Our work over the years has demonstrated that what works is an experiential approach to learning by direct encounter with the skills and capabilities necessary to perform.

'Working with Impact has enabled Furness Enterprise to enhance the options that it offers to ‘harder to help’ clients on their route to work. The difference in the client’s attitude and thinking after three days with Impact is amazing.'

Jon Lyons, Employment and Skills Manager, Furness Enterprise