Blended & Virtual

Using digital learning tools to enhance and extend learning journeys, seamlessly blending virtual and face-to-face. We let the learning lead.

Right tools, right time, right way

New technology creates new opportunities and new challenges in equal measure.

For organisations new technology can transform learning opportunities, open up scale and reach and improve efficiencies especially at a global level.

But it can also create confusion, uncertainty and risk as new platforms vie for attention in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

How can organisations design learning solutions that take advantage of new technology whilst avoiding being hijacked by new shiny things that promise the earth?

Learning has to have personality, bringing the learning to life. Even the lowliest instructional design requirements can be delivered with zest to the benefit of retention and application.

For deeply personal learning (learning to lead for example) the learning journey needs to be engaging at a deeply personal level.

The ability to bring a learning space to life is crucial whether that is face-to-face or virtual or a blended combination of the two.

We have become experts in virtual facilitation, in seamless blending of virtual and face-to-face and in ensuring that we stay on top of  the way in which technology enables learning.

We have developed MOOCS (with partner Universities). We have won awards for virtual only design. We have partnered with best in class technology companies like DESQ and FUSE and learned hugely from working with our clients (like Google and Spotify).

In life there are rarely full functioning silver bullets. Just hard won experience and expertise.

That is one thing that technology doesn't change.

‘In reality, one of the biggest challenges is global virtualisation and we got it right through Generate. It’s a profound experience to deepen loyalty to Thomson Reuters.’  

Head of Human Resources, Thomson Reuters