To be completed in 3’

1. Before doing anything, carefully read each instruction

2. Write your name in box number 1

3. Draw a circle in box number 5

4. Draw three small squares in box number 2

5. Write a X in each box

6. Write “yes, yes, yes” in box number 6

7. Draw a triangle containing the X

8. Multiply 703 to 66 and write the answer in box number 4

9. When you get here, unmute your microphone and say your name out loud

10. If you think you completed the instructions till here, say “yes”

11. Sum 8950 to 9805 and write the answer in box number 2

12. Draw a circle around the sum, and then a square around the circle

13. Count from 1 to 10 and backwards

14. Unmute your microphone and say “I have almost completed all the instructions”

15. Now that you have read all the instructions, complete the instruction number 2 only. Stay quiet and try not to show the rest of the group that you have completed the exercise