A think tank for sustainable leadership

Businesses face new expectations in the 21st century, global challenges that were once on the horizon are now within touching distance. So how do organisations continue to maximise profitability whilst driving sustainable action? In the age of the purpose-driven consumer, an increasing body of companies now go beyond sustainability: Innovating For Good.

To ensure the future sustainability of our organisations we need to think, work and lead in different ways. This Think Tank brings together organisations to share ideas about profit, people, planet and purpose.


Join a select group of passionate leaders to:

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of driving sustainable innovation and develop tactics to influence sustainable change
  • Discuss how brands can maximise profitability and prioritise sustainable action
  • Discover how collective action can help accelerate momentum towards your organisation’s sustainable goals and influence wider global issues

When: 27th February 9am-12pm
Where: Central London
Cost: Free, including refreshments throughout

Places are limited, although in the interests of collective action we would like to invite two or three stakeholders from each organisation. This event will suit a variety of functions including leaders of Change, Innovation, Transformation, Strategy, HR, L&D, Sustainability, CSR...