LEAD (Leadership, Excellence and Development) Programme

Strategic Leadership


Nissan Motor Company offers 64 models under the Nissan and Infiniti brands in more than 160 countries.

A strategic community business consultancy project, that requires participants to utilise the experience, skills and knowledge acquired during their 24-month multi-modular programme to achieve success for an NGO.


The company’s quest for innovation applies internally with a range of exciting staff development programmes. LEAD (Leadership, Excellence and Development) is a 24-month multi modular programme for high potential managers in Nissan.

Impact worked with Nissan to design a final module that would explore the topic of Strategic Leadership.  


Impact’s module incorporates inputs on strategic leadership and then importantly gives the participants the opportunity to utilise all the new skills that they have learned during the LEAD programme.


The outcomes of this module deliver benefits to both the NGO, to the individual participants and to the Nissan organisation.

"Working with the NGOs has been a rich and unforgettable experience for the Nissan leadership teams enabling them to learn from, and contribute to, the challenges faced outside of the automotive sector."

Dom Lydon, Training & Development Manager