Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Manufacturing and Engineering (TMAP-EM) provide world class R&D, manufacturing and engineering programmes to its affiliates in Asia Pacific, enhancing production and trading networks.

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Manufacturing and Engineering (TMAP-EM) redeveloped their graduate recruitment process in line with their talent management strategy. TMAP-EM wanted to select candidates with both the academic ability and the attitudes and behaviour needed to learn and grow within the organisation.


TMAP-EM asked Impact Thailand to design and deliver an Assessor Training Programme for their staff, and six one-day Personal Development and Assessment Centres for the graduate candidates.


Our Personal Development and Assessment Centres were designed to be fast-paced, stimulating and competitive so that the candidates forgot that they were being assessed and TMAP-EM can see how they perform under pressure.

The programme includes a mix of physical, creative and problem solving challenges that mirror the likely situations and challenges that will be faced by the successful candidate.


Using an experiential approach has proven to be an effective and powerful assessment tool. The assessors were able to observe not only the candidates’ behavioural competencies but also their attitudes.

The positive and energetic new recruits have embarked on their new journey with TMAP-EM.