Leadership development through coaching at Nestle

Leadership capability for middle managers


Nestlé is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Impact partnered with Nestlé to develop middle manager's leadership capability, training was centred around coaching and aligned with Nestlé's leadership framework.


Nestlé Thailand recognised the need to develop its people in line with greater regional and global competition. Specifically they recognised the need to develop their middle managers to drive the leadership capability down through the organisation.


As a partner of Nestlé we designed the training to be aligned with their leadership framework.

Inspiring people - developing and leading people

Opening up - knowing yourself

Dealing with others - proactive co-operation

Adding value - results focus and innovation.


"Coaching for Success can help build the organisation dynamics as well as the manager’s skills to improve team performance by using GROW and PRO techniques."

"Coaching for Success is a very good topic which helps our managers increase their ability to coach and challenge."